Review: Cat Grooming Tools

I have two cats who love to get their hair tangled up in a mess. It is hard to take them anywhere to get groomed because neither of them like to behave and everyone thinks they are devil cats, when, in reality, they are very sweet. They just don’t like to go out in public to get poked and prodded.20150505_215509649_iOSSo, other than their yearly shaving, I have to come up with other ways to keep their fur from becoming one big knot. I have been known to take the scissors to them (and they look amazing, let me tell you….) but an easier way is to use a de-shedding tool, like theĀ FurBuddy Grooming Tool.20150505_181551This brush has a wide comb so it takes fewer swipes to get all the undercoat out. Talkee is pretty good at being brushed until I get down between her legs and then she gets cranky (understandably), so I have to do a bit at a time. In just a few minutes, though, I did get a bunch of hair off and she seemed pleased to be slightly lighter and free of the excess fur. The comb did make her fur a bit static-y on the brush making it a bit hard to take off because it just wanted to stick to everything, but her leftover fur was silky soft and smooth. Happy cat, happy momma.

*Disclaimer: I received this comb in exchange for my honest opinion.

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