Old Factory Candle Gift Set Review + Giveaway


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7 Responses

  1. Bridie Rist says:

    I love anything that smells like cookies! Also, it cracks me up that they have a cannabis scented candle.

  2. This time of year, I love anything peppermint!

  3. Leather scented candles are my favorite, but close seconds are Christmas tree and toasted marshmallow/campfire.

  4. Jake B says:

    I love anything fruity basically.

  5. Sam B. says:

    I love anything pumpkin-scented!

  6. Pumpkin spice is my favorite candle flavor. That Fall Harvest one sounds amazing!

  7. Monica says:

    I reviewed the Romance theme from this brand! I love them! 🙂 My favorite candle scent is vanilla cupcake.

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