Loudoun 8k


On April 13 I ran theĀ Loudoun 8k. I was originally signed up for the half marathon, but the day before I had really bad joint pain all over (not sure from what) and a charlie horse in my calf that still was very tight. I knew there was no way I would be able to complete 13.1 miles, so I dropped down to the 8k.

It was a good thing I did! I could barely complete the 8k! My foot was hurting, my muscles were tight, and I was overall not doing well. I ended up walking a huge majority of the race, but at least I went out and did it. And I wasn’t even last! There were some other walkers with me.

The race was well organized. There were plenty of signs and volunteers out on the course letting people know where to go. The races started at a high school and the course traveled down town roads, through neighborhoods, and on the C&O Canal path. I always enjoy races in Loudoun County, even if just to dream of living in the nice, huge houses. LOL!

I recommend adding this race to your schedule for next year!

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