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Super Pet Expo

In April we went to the yearly Super Pet Expo at the convention center. It was fun to go this time because I had Maestro to come along. One of the booths was hosting a contest where you take a picture of your animal and post it on facebook to try to win a year’s worth of free food. Here is Bella and Maestro posing: (yes, Bella is wearing sun glasses…) Well, a month later, here is Maestro’s first free bag of food: Yes! He…

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Hemlock Overlook

We went back to Hemlock Overlook to try the other trail. The trail we did last week went through the woods, up and down hills, until it reached the river. This trail took you straight to the river, and then along it over rocks. Next time, I would like to put the two trails together for a longer hike. All of these trails are apart of the┬áBull Run-Occoquan Trail, which covers 17-miles and is apart of what was used in the Civil War. One day…

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Busch Gardens Orchestra Trip

Yesterday was my spring orchestra trip to Busch Gardens. The day started out at 4am when my alarm went off. After quickly getting ready, we stopped at CVS for some sunscreen, and then drove to school. The bus came at 5:30 and then we left. We got to Williamsburg in about two hours and were ahead of schedule so we let the kids go get breakfast. Luckily there was a shopping center with a lot of fast food, an IHOP and a Wal-mart, so they…

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