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Vegan Fried Rice

I ate healthy all week by making my Raw Taco Salad, Pumpkin Chili, Raw Mango Zucchini, and Raw Pad Thai. Then comes Friday. I still wanted something healthy, but needed something carb- and protein-full for my big workout scheduled the next day. Usually an easy go-to...

Raw Pad Thai 2

Raw Pad Thai

I’m continuing with my goal to eat more raw fruit and vegetables, instead of pre-packed, processed junk. So far I have made a Raw Taco Salad which I really enjoyed. Now I am turning my attention to a different part of the world. I love Thai food...


Indian Butter Chickpeas

One of my favorite dishes at my favorite Indian Restaurant is the Butter Chickpeas. They use the same sauce that is used for the Butter Chicken, but without the meat and dairy. Instead, they add coconut cream. Yum!

Here is one version of Butter Chickpeas that I make. I seem to make it a little different each time, but it is always delicious!

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