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Fall Frolic 5k

On Saturday was my schools Fall Frolic 5k. The race didn’t start until 9am, but I got to my school by 8am to wait for my parents, brother, and his family. It was a brisk morning, but quickly warmed up to be a perfect fall...


Run for Autism 5k

This past Saturday was the Run for Autism 5k at the Prince William Fairgrounds. A few people from my school signed up to participate, so I did as well (Though I think they were doing the walk that was later in the day).I got to...


Wedrose Acres Hoof Haul

I signed up for this virtual race because it was inexpensive. BUT, it was a lot of fun. This race was actually a part of a real race on Wedrose Acres, which is an animal sanctuary in Illinois. After the 5k through the farm, they were...


Let Freedom Run 5k

On the 4th of July I ran a race called “Let Freedom Run”. Of course I had to dress festively, so I sewed up a patriotic skirt and found a crown to wear. I was definitely the most patriotically dressed. It’s a holiday, and I...


Run With Santa 5k

This race, Run with Santa, was on December 9, 2012. A bunch of teachers from my school did this race, but I wanted to run it fast, so I went ahead of them. A lot of people were festively dressed, which makes me happy. Though,...


Warrior Dash

In September 2012, I ran the Warrior Dash with my friend Allyson. It was 5k+ of running and lots of obstacles. Some of the obstacles included: climbing over hurdles, climbing under barbed wire, running through tires, scaling a wall, crossing a balance beam, swimming across...

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