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Warrior Dash

In September 2012, I ran the Warrior Dash with my friend Allyson. It was 5k+ of running and lots of obstacles. Some of the obstacles included: climbing over hurdles, climbing under barbed wire, running through tires, scaling a wall, crossing a balance beam, swimming across a lake, wading through knee deep water, climbing over a net, jumping over fire, crawling over logs in muddy water, etc. It was a blast! The obstacles were fun and I had an awesome time with my friend. I don’t…

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The Rentschler Airfield 5K

Before the race. I was super excited! July 12, 2012 – This was my second ever 5k race. I had signed up for this just a few days prior to my first 5k race. This race took place in East Hartford, CT on the airfield. This was an evening race, starting at 6pm, and I had just come from a day of classes at the University of Hartford. I started out excited and ready to go. Unfortunately, once the race started, that all changed. I…

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Red Dress Run for Women

Holly and I are pumped up and ready to go! On July 7, 2012, I ran my first 5k. Ever. My friend Holly wanted to run the race, and since I was in town attending the University of Hartford for summer classes, I agreed to run with her. Now, I maybe trained once or twice for this race by running a few minutes here and a few minutes there, but I was in no way prepared, physically or mentally. But I went anyway. The race…

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