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Butternut Apple Hash with Balsamic Maple Tempeh

I am starting to really love tempeh. It is quickly becoming my new favorite because it is different than tofu. Tempeh has a nutty flavor and quickly fills you up! As a good source of nutrients, tempeh contains good amounts of manganese,copper, fiber, protein, phosphorus, vitamin B2 and magnesium. In addition to providing the above nutrients, tempeh also provides many nutrients in a more digestible form due to the process of fermentation. Tempeh is often prepared steamed, sautéed, or baked and is can be marinated to add more flavor.…

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Clarendon Day Run | A BibRavePro Review

The Clarendon Day Run took place in Arlington, VA and included two different distances: a 5k and a 10k. There was also a Double if you were feeling brave enough to attempt both distances. The Start Line was in Clarendon, and the course took you down hill through the city streets and onto the highway before turning around and ending in Rosslyn. Those who were attempting the Double had to make their way a mile and a half uphill to get back to the start line for the second race.

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