5 Tips for Running in the Heat

Because training through the summer can not only be grueling, but down right dangerous, today’s Friday Five with CourtneyCynthia and Mar  includes some tips from Jeff Galloway about dealing with the heat!

1DAACCD3-EF25-42AE-BF3E-88471CD8043D 5 Tips for Running in the Heat

1. Slow down by 30 sec/mile (20 sec/km) for every 5F temperature increase above 55-60F (every 2.5C above 14C).

2. More frequent walk breaks during hot weather can lower body temperature increase.  If you used to run 3 minutes between walk breaks, run only 90 seconds (walk 30 seconds) at 70F (21C), and at 80F (26C) drop to 60 sec run/30 sec walk or 30/30.  

3. Pick shady courses on hot days and don’t wear a hat!  Pour water over your head instead.
4. Try to complete your run before the sun rises above the horizon or have an indoor alternative—treadmill, etc
5. Run in the deep end of the pool, using a flotation belt
One of my favorite ways to beat the heat is to go to the pool, like number 5 says. In addition to doing some laps for a full body workout, I enjoy pool jogging in the deep end (though I usually do it with out a flotation belt!)
As a Jeff Galloway blogger, I get sent tips to share with you! Want some other tips directly from Jeff?
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